Attention All Single Wingers!

2005 National Single Wing Symposium
Coastal Carolina University
July 14 - 15 - 16
Conway, South Carolina (Myrtle Beach, SC)

Make your travel arrangements now. Save on air - fare to Myrtle Beach.

Membership Fees
We will gladly take membership fees as usual before the Symposium. The individual fee is $25.00 or $50.00 for your whole staff. Fill out the enclosed application, or download/print it from our website ( Then send it with your fees to:

Coach Harold Strauss
624 West Pomona Avenue
Bloomington, California 92316

Dorm Cost
We want to encourage you to stay in the dorms. The cost will be $22.00 per night. These are air conditioned and suite style dorms. *A one time linen fee of $3.00 per person includes: two (2) sheets, (1) pillow case, one (1) bath towel and one (1) wash cloth. Pillows and blankets will not be furnished. DO NOT SEND your dorm fee in now, pay at the symposium. Please let Coach Strauss or Coach Ward know if you plan to come and stay in the dorm (give exact number of attendees). We have to let CCU know ASAP.

If you do not want to stay in the dorms there all the major chains of hotels/motels are located within 5-10 minutes driving of Coastal Carolina University.

Most of us will probably eat our noon meal at the CCU Cafeteria, for @ $ 7.00 per person. I am still waiting on Coastal’s Food Service department to get back with the exact specifics. We will eat out in the evening.

Speakers and Presentations
The following is a partial list of speakers/presenters who have already agreed to speak this year:

Mark Fischer - Louisa County (VA) “How We Tweak What We Steal”
Tim Pezetti - Colo-Nesco (IA) “The Colo-Nesco Balanced Single Wing”
Doug Kerr - Port St. Lucie (FL) “The New Jaguar Wing”
John Reed - Purceville Youth (VA) “Successful Installation of the Unbalanced Single Wing in the First Year”
Jeff Bayerl - Head Freshman Coach - Menominee (MI) “Freshmen/JV: That All-Important Transition from Junior High to the Varsity”
Harold Strauss - Colton (CA) “The Colton Combination Single/Double Wing”
The Living Legend Series, “War Rooms” and much more!

The NSWCA Executive Board will meet at 9:00 PM on Wednesday July 13 in Coach Dan Johnson’s Room. The entire NSWCA Membership will have the General Business Meeting on Friday, July 15 at 1:00 PM.

Dr. John Ward
National Single Wing Coaches Association
[email protected]

Photos and captions courtesy Richard “Air” Flores


Conclave: Organizer Coach Bert “Hog Boss” Ford welcomes coaches to the 1st Annual West Coast Single Wing Conclave


Conclave: “Yeah, I am the Hog Boss and what of it?!” “You will run the single wing or else…” Coach Ford recently accepted a position at the Army/Navy Academy in Carlsbad, CA


Conclave: Conclavers listen in attentively as their heads begin to spin from all the great information


Conclave: Bert Ford narrates through an offensive demonstration from his team’s success this year


Conclave: Ted Seay speaks on the “A” Fromation and the TCU Spread as notebooks squeel


Conclave: Ted Seay discusses the “A” Formation and TCU Spread while conclavers listen


Conclave: Tom Davis of San Marcos Pop Warner touches on how to “Install the Single Wing in a Week”…(Yes, Virginia, the single wing is really that easy to install and that difficult to stop)


Conclave: Coaches Keith Wilson of Tustin M.S., Dan Barreto of Long Beach Pop Warner and Dean Taylor of Bellflower JAA take a coffee and donut break


Conclave: Coach Rick of Colton H.S. along with fellow coaches discussing what to do on Mother’s Day to make up for being allowed out of the house on Saturday


Conclave: Coach Tony Akern (R) of Santa Margarita Pop Warner talks with coaches Gary, Keith and Ben of Gilbert Pop Warner about the nice weather in SoCal


Conclave: L-R are Josh Flores, Santa Ana pop Warner, Jose Sots, Newport-Mesa JAA, Tina and Dave Wenderlich, Fullerton Pop Warner, Frank Lopez and James Flores of Santa Ana Pop Warner


Conclave: Organizer Coach Bruce Eien welcomes coaches to the 1st Annual West Coast Single Wing Conclave as he prepares to speak on implementing the “Fat Formation” to the single wing


Conclave: Ty Colbert discusses the psychological aspects of why athletes succeed and do not succeed


Conclave: “Air” Flores carries on the tradition of the East Coast Single Wing Conclave by sharing the Todd Bross funny videos. Flores later discusses how to “Install the Single Wing for First Time Youth Coaches”


Conclave: “Air” Flores preaching to the choir


Conclave: Head Coach Harold Strauss of Colton H.S. discusses “Merging the Double Wing and the Single Wing” while conclavers listen on…(You’ve gotta see Colton’s kids causing the other teams to jump offisides)


Conclave Aftermath: Coaches dine at Super Antojitos on Santa Ana…”Did someone say Coronas?”


Conclave Aftermath: On the left: Coaches Rick, Jerry and Tim; To the right: Coach Strauss, his lovely wife and daughter. (Todd, are we the first conclave to feature girls?)

Photos and captions courtesy Richard “Air” Flores


Friday Night Mixer: Bruce Thew, Saddleback Valley Pop Warner and Jerry Nivison, Gilbert Pop Warner


Friday Night Mixer: Coaches Mike Gibson, Rialto H.S., Gary Canez, Gilbert Pop Warner and Ben Cuevus also of Gilbert Pop Warner, discuss X’s and O’s.


Friday Night Mixer: Ty Colbert, formerly of Irvine JAA and Keith James of Gilbert Pop Warner listen in on X’s and O’s


Friday Night Mixer: Internet Fiji Guru Red Seay (R) and Andrew Navarro (L), Santa Anna Pop Warner are taken back by the pretty manager at Friday’s Restaurant


Friday Night Mixer: Bruce Thew, Saddleback Valley Pop Warner and Johnathan Williams, Santa Anna Pop Warner chillin’ at the Mixer.


Friday Night Mixer: Coaches having a grand ‘ol time conversing and tipping a few


Friday Night Mixer: Richard Flores, Santa Ana Pop Warner and his daughter Natasha share a Jack Daniel’s Tower and are flanked by Bruce Thew and Johnathan Willams


Friday Night Mixer: Andrew Navarro with a mouthful with Ted Seay and Ty Colbert sharing a cold one while Ted explains to Ty about the cuties on Fiji


Friday Night Mixer: Various conversations about football…is there anything else in life?


Friday Night Mixer: “Fiji’s Internet” Guru hard at work while coaches Keith and Mike listen and take notes


Friday Night Mixer: Michele, Friday’s manager, stops by to wish all the coaches a great 1st Annual West Coast Single Wing Conclave and visits with Richard Flores


Friday Night Mixer: “Fiji Internet Guru” Ted Seay and Richard “Air” Flores strike a pose


Friday Night Mixer: Ted Seay, Mike Gibson, Richard Flores and Bruce Thew share a pose

Todd Hagemeier
Westfield Middle School
8th grade football coach
[email protected]

I work out with my kids every Tuesday for an hour and a half. I have a group of wide receiver drills that I thought someone could use. I am doing these now and probably again over the summer. It is what my single wing receivers work on in the off-season.

Spring practice 2:15-4:00

Form running and dynamic stretching — jog-joints, high knees, glute kicks, shuffle, grapevine (high hip), Russian kick, lunges, slide squats, 2 feet hops, 1 foot hops in place, accelerators, full sprints.

Wide Receiver Drills

1. Quick Feet
- Cones on straight line 4-5 yards apart
- Wide receiver comes to cones, sinks hips, teaches start/stops
- Break down at each cone, then up, step on toes of defender
- Don’t stand straight up, this is tough for tall guys to get right
- End drill with a cut left or right, coach will point

2. Quick Feet Weave

- Hug cones
- Same drill as before but weaving in and out
- Stay tight
- Switch ball before each cone practicing good ball security


3. Z-Cuts
- Cones 7-8 yards apart
- Wide receiver sprints to first cone
- Plants with inside
- Throw elbow back
- Practice good ball security, switch ball into correct hand
- Sprint through goal line


4. Pop-Ups

- Cones in straight line 5 yards apart
- Wide receiver has ball in hand
- Palm flat on grass, almost losing balance, don’t allow fingers only to touch grass
- Pop-up and regain speed
- Switch ball to other hand
- Repeat process at next cone
- This drill needs to be done at full speed!


5. Four Corners
- Place cones in a 7-8 yard square
- Wide receiver has busy hands
- Shoulder pads over toes
- Head and eyes up
- Plant feet and square up to target (next cone)
- Be sure to go both directions of square


6. Star Drill
- Getting in and out of breaks
- Sprint at the cones
- Don’t drop the hands
- Eyes and head up


7. Stair Stepper
- Seven steps, back to quarterback 3 steps
- This is basically a hitch route repeated over and over


8. Settle and Noose
- Wide receiver will start at one bag, jog to the other bag, come back to first bag, then settle somewhere in between the two bags, catch the ball, then turn and score
- Pads over toes
- Busy hands
- Turn to quarterback
- Make noose with hands
- Elbows are shock absorbers
- Quarterback throws above wide receiver’s belt
- Bags represent defenders
- Wide receiver should turn away from closest defender after ball is caught and secure


9. Digs and/or Drags
- Quarterback throws perfect
- High and in front (extend)
- High and behind (pivot). As wide receiver pivots he should be moving up field
- Low and in front (bend in knees)
- Low and behind
- Have quarterback at most 8 yards away; this is wide receiver drill, not necessary for quarterback to have correct spacing
- Be sure you catch balls going both ways


10. Tap Feet Drill
- Wide receiver gets 2 feet in before going out of bounds
- Must have ball secure