2005 State Champions

December 24th, 2005

Congratulations to Sigourney-Keota, Iowa, St. Mary’s of Lynn, Massachussets and Giles, Virginia for winning high school state championships!

2005 State Champions
Sigourney-Keota, IA
Coach: Bob Howard
Record: 13-0
Points Scored: 696
Points per Game: 54

St. Mary’s — Lynn, MA
Coach: Mike Stellato
Record: 12-1
Points Scored: 425
Points per Game: 33

Giles, VA
Coach: Steve Ragsdale
Record: 13-1
Points Scored: 473
Points per Game: 34

High School
Baboquivari, AZ
Coach: Jeff Pichotta
Record: 5-4
Points Scored: 330
Points Per Game: 37

Akron, CO
Coach: Brian Christiansen
Record: 10-3
Points: 399
Points Per Game: 30.7

Aurora, CO
Smoky Hill High School J.V.
Coach: Brian Martinez
Record: 5-5
Points: 286
Points per game: 28.6

Colton, CA
Coach: Harold Strauss
Record: 9-3
Points: 620
Points Per Game: 51.7

Conway Springs, KS
Coach: Lelin George
Record: 10-2
Points: 419
Points Per Game: 35

Durand, WI
Coach: Dan Lerum
Record: 7-3
Points: 276
Points Per Game: 27.6

East Carteret, NC
Coach: Donnie Kiefer
Record: 13-1
Points: 567
Points Per Game: 40.5

Johnston City, IL
Coach: Mike Rude
Record: 8-3
Points: 423
Points Per Game: 38.4

King William, VA
Coach: Roger Brookes
Record: 11-1
Points: 394
Points Per Game: 32.8

Louisa County, VA
Coach: Mark Fischer
Record: 9-2
Points: 483
Points Per Game: 43.9

Manitou Springs, CO
Coach: George Rykovich
Record: 4-5
Points: 213
Points Per Game: 23.7

Menominee, MI
Coach: Ken Hofer
Record: 11-2
Points Scored: 473
Points per Game: 39

Menominee, MI (Freshmen)
Coach: Jeff Bayerl
Record: 7-1
Points: 264
Points per Game: 33

Osbourn, VA
Coach: Steve Schultze
Record: 10-2
Points Scored: 364
Points per game: 30.3

Stone Bridge, VA
Coach: Mickey Thompson
Record: 12-2
Points Scored: 387
Points per Game: 28

Union, NC
Coach: Dr. John Ward
Record: 9-4
Points: 422
Points Per Game: 32.5

San Marcos Barons (CA)
Pop Warner Pee-Wee Division
Coach: Tom Davis
Record: 8-4
Points Scored: 267
Points per Game: 23

Reisterstown Mustangs (MD)
CCFL 10-12 Division
Coaches: Dave Upshur, Scott Harbinson
Record: 9-2
Points Scored: 287
Points Per Game: 26

Stateline Comets (IL)
Illini Youth Football League - 11-12 year olds
Coach: Eric Strutz
Record: 8-2
Points Scored: 267
Points Per Game: 26.7

University Jaguars (NC)
PYFL JV 9-10 Year Olds Conference Champions
Coaches: Terence Lawshe, Shawn Anderson, Bob Siegworth, Neil Green, Eric Henderson, Mike Carro, Tray Booker
Record: 8-2
Points Scored: 249
Points Per Game: 24.9

University Jaguars (NC)
PYFL Varsity 11-12 Year Olds League Champions
Coaches: Terence Lawshe, Shawn Anderson, Bob Siegworth, Neil Green, Eric Henderson, Mike Carro, Tray Booker
Record: 10-0
Points Scored: 294
Points Per Game: 29.4

Concord Boys and Girls Club of America (NC)
9-10 Year Old Champions
Coach: Howard Rhodes
Record: 7-0
Points: 170
Points Per Game: 24.2

Gilbert Avengers (AZ)
Pop Warner Jr. Pee Wee Division
Coach: Keith James
Record: 7-2
Points Scored: 179
Points Per Game: 20

Hickman Screaming Eagles (NE)
8-10 Year Olds League Champions
Coach: Dave Cisar
Record: 12-0
Points Scored: 395
Points Per Game: 33

St. Francis Wolfpack (MD)
Senior Unlimited Weight Division 12-14 Year Olds
Coach: Tom Culliton
Record: 8-2
Points Scored: 358
Points Per Game: 35.8

Madison White Cubs (IN)
OVDYFL Champions - 9-10 Year Olds
Coaches: Shannon Gatke, Mike Tucker, Joe DeVito, John Bilz
Record: 9-1
Points Scored: 270
Points Per Game: 27

Longwood Lions (NY)
Long Island 9-Year Old County Champions
Coaches: Frank Amato and Anthony Rempel
Record: 10-0
Points Scored: 252
Points Per Game: 25.2

East Rochester Bombers (NY)
8-9 Year Olds
Coaches: Jim Barg
Record: 6-2
Points Scored: 193
Points Per Game: 24

Eagle River Panthers (AK)
Alaska South Central Mitey-Mite Champions
Coach: Tony Pate
Record: 9-3
Points Scored: 330
Points Per Game: 27.5

Kanawha City Colts (WV)
11-12 Year Olds National Division Champions
Coach: J. Michael Ranson
Record 10-1
Points Scored: 419
Points Per Game: 38.0

Purcellville Vikings (VA)
12-13 year Olds
Coach: John B.Reed
Record : 11-1
Points Scored : 364
Points Per Game: 30

Perry Hall Gators (MD)
11-13 Year Olds National Division Champions
Coaches: Moody, Scott, Dwarte, Beckwith, & Green
Record: 11-0
Points Scored: 288
Points Per Game: 26.0

San Marcos Crusaders (CA)
Pop Warner Mitey Mite Division
Coach: Mike Sommers
Record: 7-4
Points Scored: 156
Points per Game: 14.2

Ragsdale YMCA — Jamestown, NC
Central Piedmont Football League 9-10 year olds
Coach: Kevin Connolly
Record: 5-2
Points Scored: 144
Points per Game: 21

Abbotsford Falcons (British Columbia, Canada)
Provincial Champions — Pee Wee Division 10-11 year olds
Coach: Fred Lyhne
Record: 14-0
Points Scored: 645
Points per Game: 46

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Single Wing Myths

December 12th, 2005

List compiled by coaches of the Delphi Single Wing Forum

1. Can’t pass out of it.
2. Illegal formation.
3. Only for teams with small backs.
4. It’s an Internet offense.
5. It’s a trick offense.
6. Stupid no-quarterback offense.
7. You can’t get a center to snap the ball without bad snaps.
8. Line splits are too close.
9. Doesn’t prepare the kids for college offenses.
10. Can’t run out of it.
11. Too predictable.
12. Blocking is too confusing for the kids.
13. Limited options on offense, easy to defend.
14. Why don’t they run it on Sunday if it’s so good?
15. Too hard for the kids to learn the plays.
16. Only works against teams that haven’t seen it before.
17. That’s just a glorified shotgun offense.
18. You need to run a REAL offense.
19. It’s faster to have a quarterback hand the ball off.
20. The unbalanced line with tight splits is a dead give-away for the off-tackle play.
21. The wingback counter is the only weakside threat you have.
22. All you have to do is follow the blocking back and/or guards and you can stop it.
23. It takes too much time to teach because it has difficult concepts.
24. I don’t know why it won’t work, it’s just not right for our players. They won’t like it.
25. It doesn’t develop a quarterback for high school.
26. It won’t work at the high school level.
27. You need a stud tailback who can run, throw and catch.
28. It’s not real football.
29. You can stop it by blasting the center into submission.
30. Rugby-style offense.
31. It’s easy to stop — just tackle everybody coming out of the backfield.
32. We need to spread the offense out.
33. If it’s muddy the kids can’t catch the snap.
34. You need a quarterback under center to get short yardage with a sneak.
35. It’s stupid to snap the ball back three yards to gain one.
36. You can stop it by blasting the center into submission.

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