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The 2006 National Single Wing Coaches Association Symposium was held at Colton High School in California. The dates were Thursday, July 13 thru Saturday, July 15.


Living Legends L - R, Bill Wilson, Dan Johnson, Ed Racely


Jerome Learman, Lake Michigan Catholic


Jim Ahern, East Lee County High School


Dr. Ward instructing Jeff Pichotta and son in the fine points of the Counter Series


Dr. Ward explaining SAB and kickout to the masses



Colton High’s Defense in 7-7 Passing



Colton’s offense in action


Dr. Ward introducing Dan Lerum, Head Coach at Durand, WI


Dan Lerum


Brue Eien


Steve Barton, Colton High School Academic Advisor


Right Side: Tom Overton, Bert Fort, Bruce Eien, Jim Stenarud
Left Side: Chris Zook, Jerome Learman, Jim Ahern, Ed Racely


Happy Birthday Single Wing!


Coach Stauss with the Cake

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Athletic Journal — 1939

Rocky Mountain Region


Diagram 19 shows a forward pass play from a spread formation that has been used successfully in the Rocky Mountain Conference. The guards are pulled back for protection.


Diagram 20 shows a deep reverse around the weak side from an unbalanced line. The ball-carrier goes around the defensive right end by himself and the interference goes inside the defensive right end. The defensive right tackle is blocked in by the offensive end 5 and the defensive right end is blocked in by the tail-back 4.


Diagram 21 shows a fake reverse buck inside the strong-side defensive tackle. The ball is snapped to the fullback 3 who fakes to give it to the wing-back 1 and then plunges inside the left defensive tackle. The guard 8 leads the play and back 2 blocks the defensive left tackle out.


Diagram 22 features a power play inside the short-side defensive tackle. The tailback 4 receives the ball from center, steps back to time the play and then hits inside the defensive right tackle behind 8, 10 and 1 who lead the play.


Diagram 23 shows an end-around play from a short kick formation. The ball is snapped back to fullback 3, who drives forward to the line and then gives the ball to the offensive right end 11. The right end 11 then carries the ball between the defensive right end and defensive right tackle behind 9 and 1. The tail-back 4 swings wide for a lateral.

Diagram 24 features an end-around play. The ball is snapped to the fullback 3, who drives straight ahead and gives the ball to 2, who laterals back to the offensive left end 5, who runs wide around the defensive left end.


Diagram 25 shows a cross buck from a balanced line, single wing-back formation. The fullback 3 receives the ball from center, drives forward and gives it to 2 who in turn gives it to the wing-back 1 who drives inside the defensive right tackle.


Diagram 26 shows a quick reverse forward pass. The ball is snapped back to the fullback 3 who hands it back to the 2. Two then runs to the right and forward-passes to either the offensive right end 11 or to the 4 back.

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