2006 State Champions

December 17th, 2006

Congratulations to Akron, Colorado, Menominee, Michigan and Osbourn, Virginia for winning high school state championships!

Akron, CO
Coach: Brian Christiansen
Record: 13-0
Points: 457
Points Per Game: 35.2

Menominee, MI
Coach: Ken Hofer
Record: 14-0
Points Scored: 538
Points Per Game: 38.4

Osbourn, VA
Coach: Steve Schultze
Record: 14.0
Points Scored: 493
Points Per game: 35.2

High School
South Montgmery County Academy, AL
Coach: John Reaves
Record: 1-9
Points Scored: 145
Points Per Game: 15

Baboquivari, AZ
Coach: Jeff Pichotta
Record: 5-4
Points Scored: 168
Points Per Game: 19

Colton, CA
Coach: Harold Strauss
Record: 9-3
Points: 458
Points Per Game: 38.2

Manitou Springs, CO
Coach: George Rykovich
Record: 4-5
Points: 264
Points Per Game: 29.3

Kennedy HS — Waterbury, CT
Coach: Chris Sarlo
Record: 4-6
Points: 225
Points Per Game: 22.5

East Lee County, FL (JV)
Coach: Jim Ahern
Record: 7-1
Points Scored: 244
Points Per Game: 30.5

Port St. Lucie, FL
Coach: Doug Kerr
Record: 4-7
Points Scored: 172
Points Per Game: 15.6

Titusville, FL
Coach: Bobby Gutherie
Record: 5-5
Points Scored: 260
Points Per Game: 26

Colo-Nesco, IA
Coach: Tim Pezzetti
Record: 2-7
Points Scored: 115
Points Per Game: 13

Sigourney-Keota, IA
Coach: Bob Howard
Record: 4-5
Points Scored: 222
Points Per Game: 24.7

Johnston City, IL
Coach: Mike Rude
Record: 8-2
Points: 446
Points Per Game: 44.6

Conway Springs, KS
Coach: Lelin George
Record: 6-3
Points: 285
Points Per Game: 31.7

Danvers, MA
Coach: Mike Stellato
Record: 3-7
Points Scored: 152
Points Per Game: 15.2

Lake Michigan Catholic, MI
Coach: Jerome Learman
Record: 3-6
Points: 174
Points Per Game: 19

Odessa, MO
Coach: Mark Bliss
Record: 6-4
Points: 237
Points Per Game: 23.7

Wellington-Napoleon, MO
Coach: James Perry
Record: 8-2
Points: 564
Points Per Game: 56.4

Union, NC
Coach: Dr. John Ward
Record: 6-7
Points: 297
Points Per Game: 23

East Carteret, NC
Coach: Donnie Kiefer
Record: 12-2
Points: 574
Points Per Game: 41

Glen Cove, NY
Coach: Pete Kopecky
Record: 3-5
Points: 156
Points Per Game: 19.5

Pen Argyl, PA
Coach: Eric Sampson
Record: 8-4
Points: 244
Points Per Game: 20.3

Windber, PA
Coach: Phil DeMarco
Record: 9-3
Points: 284
Points Per Game: 23.7

Perry County, TN
Coach: Bronson Bradley
Record: 4-6
Points: 193
Points Per Game: 19.3

Atlee, VA
Coach: Steve Havens
Record: 1-9
Points Scored: 120
Points Per Game: 12

Giles, VA
Coach: Steve Ragsdale
Record: 12-2
Points Scored: 491
Points Per Game: 35

King William, VA
Coach: Roger Brookes
Record: 10-2
Points: 445
Points Per Game: 37

Louisa County, VA
Coach: Mark Fischer
Record: 13-1
Points: 490
Points Per Game: 35

Stone Bridge, VA
Coach: Mickey Thompson
Record: 11-1
Points Scored: 497
Points Per Game: 41.4

Durand, WI
Coach: Dan Lerum
Record: 8-3
Points: 344
Points Per Game: 31.3

Brea Bengals (CA)
Brea Pop Warner, Junior Pee Wee Division
Coaches: Greg Martin, Rob Lloyd, Dave & Tina Wenderlich, Vince Calhoun
Record: 11-1
Points Scored: 225
Points Per Game: 22.5

San Marcos Cavaliers (CA)
Junior Pee Wee, 9-11 year olds
Coaches: Mike Sommers, Rob Mansfield, Eric Bittke, Rafael Rivera (Palomar Conference JPW Coach of the Year), Dustin Lopez and Joe DeYoung.
Record: 9-3
Points scored: 182
Pts per game: 15.2

San Marcos Dukes (CA)
Junior Midget, 12-13 Year Olds
Coaches: Joe Deutsch, Juan Ruiz, Jim Stephens, Dave Clark, Adam Renteria, Tom Davis
Record: 5-7
Points Scored: 138
Points Per Game: 11.5

Waterbury Patriots (CT)
Junior Midget, 12-13 Year Olds
Coaches: Frank Hackney, Troy Johnson, Will Barker, John Murphy, Matt Barker, Chris Hackney, Eric Wilbon
Record: 14-1
Points Scored: 488
Average Per Game: 32.5
2006 SCPW Division Champions
2006 CT State Champions
2006 N.E. Regional Champions
2006 Pop Warner Super Bowl National Championship Runner-Up
Finished 2nd in Nation

Alpharetta Green Eagles (GA)
6-7 Year Olds
Coaches: Dean Riopelle, Greg Green, Brian McNamara, Rob Onorato
Record: 9-1
Points Scored: 139
Points Per Game: 13.9

Stateline Comets (IL)
Illini Youth Football League Middleweight Champions (11-12 Year Olds)
Coach: Eric Strutz
Record: 8-2
Points Scored: 205
Points Per Game: 20.5

Belchertown Eagles (MA)
9-10 Year Olds
Coach: Guy Savoie
Record: 5-1-2
Points Scored: 140
Points Per Game: 17.5

Middle River Renegades (MD)
HBCYFL 9-11 National Champions
Coach: Maurice Moody, Scruggs, Jenkins, and Evans
Record: 13-1
Points Scored: 305
Points Per Game: 21.8

Middle River Renegades (MD)
11-13 Year Olds
Coach: Scott Bobek
Record: 10-2
Points Scored: 340
Points Per Game: 28.3

Park Hill Panthers, Kansas City (MO)
Pop Warner Junior Midget Team 12-14 Year Olds
Coach: Bob Collins
Record: 14-2
Points Scored: 423
Average Per Game: 26
Harry S. Truman Bowl Championship (4th Straight Championship)
2006-Missouri State Champions
2006-Mid-America Sub Regional Champions
2006-Mid-America Regional Champions
2006-Division II Consolation Champions at Pop Warner Superbowl held at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Lake Buena Vista, FL - Finished 3rd in the Nation

Ragsdale YMCA — Jamestown (NC)
CPFL 7-8 Year Olds White Team
Coach: Richard Hendley
Record: 5-1
Points Scored: 130
Points Per Game: 21.7

Ragsdale YMCA — Jamestown (NC)
CPFL 11-12 Year Olds White Team
Coach: Kevin Connolly
Record: 3-3
Points Scored: 107
Points Per Game: 17.8

University Jaguars (NC)
PYFL JV 9-10 Year Olds Conference Champions
Coaches: Terence Lawshe, Shawn Anderson, Bob Siegworth, Eric Henderson, Devon Brooks, Tray Brooker
Record: 7-3
Points Scored: 172
Points Per Game: 17.2

University Jaguars (NC)
PYFL Varsity 11-12 Year Olds League Champions
Coaches: Terence Lawshe, Shawn Anderson, Bob Siegworth, Eric Henderson, Devon Brooks, Tray Brooker
Record: 9-1
Points Scored: 219
Points Per Game: 21.9

Hickman Screaming Eagles (NE)
8-10 Year Olds Division Champions
Coach: Dave Cisar
Record: 11-1
Points Scored: 433
Points Per Game: 36

Hudson/Litchfield Bears (NH)
Pee Wee Division State Runner-Up
Coaches: Ramon Miranda, Mark Cohen, Mark Gouveia
Record: 8-2
Points Scored: 190
Points Per Game: 19

Bellmore Braves (NY)
Nassau County Youth Football League, 10 Year Olds
Coach: Tom Rudzewick
Record: 4-6
Points Scored: 195
Points Per Game: 19.5

St. Veronica Vikings (OH)
Cincinnati CYO Div II (5th & 6th Graders)
Coaches: Dale McMillan, Ken Grogan, Kevin Reid
Record: 6-4
Points Scored: 154
Points Per Game: 15.4

Seneca Valley Warriors (PA)
Greater 19 Football League, 10-11 Year Olds
Coach: Kyle Snyder
Record: 8-1
Points Scored: 206
Points Per Game: 23

Leesburg Redskins (VA)
Central Loudoun Youth Football League, C Division (8-9 year olds)
Coaches: Steve Arnold, Jeremy Huber, Eric Zelman, Arnie Voketaitis, Scott Gettier
Record: 9-0
Points Scored: 167
Points Per Game: 19

Purcellville Colts (VA)
10-11 Year Olds
Coaches: John B. Reed, Mike O’Conner
Record: 11-2
Points Scored: 361
Points Per Game: 27.7

First Rate Mortgage Mud Dogs (WI)
Duck River Pop Warner, Junior Pee Wee Division
Coach: Adam Wesoloski
Record: 3-3
Points Scored: 106
Points Per Game: 17.7

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Strengthening Your Weak Side Attack From the Unbalanced Line Single Wing

Defensive coaches are very quick to counter the unbalanced Single Wing formation by stepping down the DLs and LBs to take away the power advantage of the offense’s strong side. Unless the offense can out-athlete the defense, our reasons for attacking with an unbalanced formation have been somewhat diminished. To counter, the offense must have an effective weak side attack. Gaining positive yardage weak side on a consistent basis will result in further adjustments from the defense. In turn, the strong side game benefits.

First off, the plays about to be discussed are in no way ‘my creation.’ I owe all of my Single Wing knowledge to reading Ken Kueffel, speaking with and reading the information provided by John Aldrich, as well as a lot of information shared by John Ward and others. While there is nothing mentioned in the this article which is earth shattering, I hope it assists you in improving your offensive attack.

The play-calling terminology is as follows: The Quarterback (FB in traditional terms) is the ‘1′ back, the Tailback is the ‘2′ back, the Wingback is the ‘3′ back, and the Fullback (Blocking Back in traditional terms) is the ‘4′ back. Our hole numbering system is Even Right/Odd Left. The first number of the call tells the Center where to snap the ball, the second number is the Back running the ball, and the third number is the hole for the play.

For simplicity, all of the plays are diagrammed as having the defense ’step down’ its players out of a 52 defensive package.


Swing 113

Out of our Base Spin Package, the QB will spin with the WB in orbit motion prior to the snap of the ball. Play 113 is run as a compliment to the TB Sweep strong side, the WB Sweep weak side, as well as the QB off-tackle to the strong side. The concept is simple. The QB fakes to the TB and WB and keeps the ball, running through the ‘3′ hole. We are down blocking with the Tight End (likely to block the LB), Quick Side Guard, Center and Inside and Outside Tackles. The Strong Side Guard is trap blocking the weak side Defensive End. The FB is filling the void of the pulling guard (likely taking on the LB). This is our quick trap at its finest. Many times, the DE will take himself out of the play himself by a hard rush. If he goes into the backfield too far, our guard will let him go and turn toward the next defender. If the DE is staying home, he must choose between stopping the WB or the QB. Obviously the fake carried out by the WB is crucial.

SWING 135/137

Swing 135

Base Spin Package with WB orbit motion, the QB fakes to the TB and the WB takes the ball. The QB carries his fake into the off-tackle area strong side. The WB is shooting for the ‘5′ or ‘7′ hole, depending on what the blocking has created. Same short side down blocking, with the Strong Side Guard and the Inside Tackle pulling. The FB is also pulling toward the weak side. The Center is down blocking but will slide off to take the trailing LB (the free hitter in defensive terms). Teach the Center how to use peripheral vision here. The block on the LB doesn’t have to be devastating. It just has to ’slow him down.’ A center who can effectively do this to the free-hitter can mean a five-yard gain turns into a 40-yard run!


Swing Power 133

The Power denotes to our backs we are not meshing QB, TB, and WB. The Power 133 has the WB in orbit motion and taking the ball from the QB. The down blocking is the same for the TE, Quick Side Guard, and Center. The Inside Tackle and the Outside Tackle hit their respective linemen and release downfield to pick up any one available. If the defense traditionally blitzes the vacated Guard spot, we will adjust with the IT filling the pulling guards area. The FB and TB double team the weak side DE (the Power call tells the TB he is blocking the DE). The Strong Side Guard pulls. If the DE isn’t out of the way, he slams into the pile. If he is out of the way, the guard will turn downfield to find a man to block.


SWing Power-1033

This is an excellent compliment to the previous play. The handoff to the WB is the same, including the QB faking to the off-tackle slot. The Inside Tackle and Outside Tackle slide protect toward the weak side. The Center and Quick Side Guard will Slide Protect toward the strong side. The TB takes the same approach to hit the DE, but wheels outside to run a ‘Go’ pattern. The TE steps to down block and then runs a Corner pattern. The FB and Strong Side Guard pull and pass protect. The WR will run a Post or Deep Crossing pattern. The WB ’sells’ the sweep and then pulls up and throws to the TE. If his arm is strong enough, he can hit the TB. This play is wide open if the 133 Power has been successful earlier.


Under 133

Our UNDER package is true misdirection. We will run the Under 118 Speed with the same look (except the QB and TB run Speed Option to the strong side). UNDER tells the WB to run motion under (in front of) the QB. The FB pulls strong side to take on the DE. The Inside Tackle and Outside Tackle pull to the weak side. All other linemen will down block. Note: The Under 118 Speed and Under 133 can be tweaked to become a Triple Option. Here, the strong side DE is the ‘read’ and have the FB go for a LB instead of hitting the DE. The play will look like 133 or if the QB pulls the ball, the 118 Speed is carried out.



This play is a direct snap to the FB. While the ‘under’ motion is the same for the WB, the play is a compliment to our UNDER 122 Cross. With the 122, the QB fakes to the motioning WB and gives the ball to the TB who runs strong side. UNDER 441 has that same backfield action, except the FB gets the snap. The Strong side Guard short pulls and turns up after passing the Center’s rear end. The Quick Side Guard takes a deep pull step to simulate the 122 pull. He has to be deep to take himself out of the way of the short pull of the opposite guard. The FB takes the snap, waits for a count of one, and follows the Strong Side guard. You will notice no one blocks the DE. This play only works if the DE is staying home and not following the Quick Side Guard’s pull; or if he is going too far into the backfield on a consistent basis.

The percentage of plays you run to the weak side will depend on your opponent’s ability to stop the strong side game. If there is no defensive shift after gaining a few yards, keep running weak side. There have been times where I have run Swing Power 133 five times in a row. I think it is a great idea to start a game, half, or possession with a weak side run or pass. Focus on ‘balancing your unbalanced attack’ and let the weak side become one of your offensive strengths.

Sean McCormick

(Sean is currently the Defensive Coordinator for Summit Country Day HS, Cincinnati, OH and is also the co-owner of 1ST Place Sports, a team sporting goods dealer.)