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Athletic Journal — 1939



Diagram 82 is a forward lateral pass play run from a single wing-back with an unbalanced line and the ends out. Five, 11 and 1 go down into the secondary as decoys; the center and 6 team on the right guard; 9 and 10 team on the defensive left guard; 8 pulls out of the line as though to lead the interference and continues around to await a lateral; 2 hesitates then steps over the line and awaits the pass from 4; after receiving the pass, 2 laterals to 8; 3 protects the passer; 4, after passing, runs into the flat to protect the lateral against interception.


Diagram 83 is a slant off right tackle from a punt formation. Five and 6 let their opposing end and tackle come through, then block them to the outside; 7 teams with 3 on the right guard; the center, after snapping the ball pulls around 7 and drives for the right backer-up; 9 and 10 team on the defensive left guard; 11 brushes the defensive left tackle and goes for the left-side backer-up; the ball is snapped on a slant to 2 who follows 1 off tackle; 4 fakes to the right.



In Diagram 84, 5 blocks the defensive 32 right tackle; the center takes the defensive right guard; 10 and 11 take the defensive left guard and tackle; 9 cuts through the line and drives for the weak-side line-backer; 6 and 8 pull out to form interference with 4; 8 is on the inside and cuts toward the strong-side backer-up; 6 goes for the left halfback; 1 helps 11 on the defensive left tackle; 2 comes across to take the left end; the ball is snapped to 3 who runs as indicated.


In Diagram 85 we have an inside tackle play from the Notre Dame Z formation; the line is balanced with the ends split away a yard and a half; 5 drives through for the right halfback; 6 and 7 take the right tackle and guard; the center goes through for the right backer-up; 9 pulls out and teams with 2 in trapping the left tackle; 10 and 11 team on the left guard; as the left end comes down he is pushed out of the play by 1; 4 gets the ball and cuts inside tackle as 3 drives through ahead of him to take the strong-side linebacker.


In Diagram 86 we have a center smash from the short punt formation; 5 goes down for the right halfback; 6 steps to his left and blocks the defensive right tackle; 7 steps aside permitting the right guard to come through and then goes down for the right-side backer-up; the center and 9 team on the left guard; 10 goes through for the left backer-up; 11 steps over and blocks the defensive left tackle; 1 comes across fast and traps the right guard; the ball is snapped to 2 who spins and fakes to 3; then hands the ball to 4 who drives straight ahead; 3 continues on and blocks the right end.


Diagram 87 is a weak-side reverse; the line is unbalanced and the backs are in a tandem formation; 5 goes through for the weak-side backer-up; 6 teams with the center on the defensive right guard; 8 pulls out and aids 2 in teaming on the right tackle; 9 and 10 work on the left guard; 11 takes the defensive left tackle; 4 goes across to block the right end; the ball is snapped to 3 who spins and hands it to 1; 1 drives inside tackle.


Diagram 88 is a forward pass from a single wing-back formation, unbalanced line. Five charges down the field to get behind the defensive right halfback; 6 steps back and blocks the right tackle as he comes through; the center blocks the right guard; 8 pulls out and comes back to help 2 handle the defensive left end; 10 steps back to catch the left tackle as he comes through; 11 drives to get beyond the safety man; 1 cuts out to draw the left halfback out of the play; 3 cuts over the line of scrimmage and bears into the flat; 4 receives the snap from center and passes to either 3 or 11.



Diagram 89 is a spin inside tackle with a mouse-trap on the guard. Five goes down to block the right halfback; 6 goes across to block the left halfback; the center blocks the right guard; 9 pulls out and takes the right tackle; 10 takes the left tackle; 11 drives for the weak-side backer-up; 2 gets a nice angle block on the left guard; the ball is passed to 3 who spins, faking first to 4, then to 1 and drives inside tackle; 1 and 4 continue on and block the opposing ends.


Diagram 90 is a fake buck with a lateral which is used deep in scoring territory. Five and 6 team on the defensive right tackle; the center and 8 team on the guard; 9 and 10 team on the defensive left guard; 11 helps 1 on the left tackle; the ball is passed to 3 who bucks straight ahead, giving the ball on a lateral hand-pass to 2; 2 has pivoted and receives the ball with his back to the line of scrimmage; 2 then laterals to 4 who is running at full speed for the corner of field. The left end and left halfback have been sucked in by the fake buck.

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