2008 State Champions

December 8th, 2008

Congratulations to DeSoto, AR; Santa Clarita Christian, CA; Akron, CO; Conway Springs, KS and Scott’s Branch, SC for winning high school state championships!

Mississippi Private School Association Academy A
Coach: Bill Beck
Record: 13-1
Points: 437
Points Per Game: 31.2

Santa Clarita Christian
California 8-man Division I
Coach: Garrick Moss
Record: 11-2
Points Scored: 587
Points Per Game: 45.2

Colorado Class 1A
Coach: Brian Christiansen
Record: 13-0
Points: 506
Points Per Game: 39

Conway Springs
Kansas Class 3A
Coach: Lelin George
Record: 12-2
Points Scored: 598
Points Per Game: 42.7

South Carolina
Scott’s Branch
South Carolina Class 1A
Coach: Leonard Johnson
Record: 11-3
Points Scored: 460
Points Per Game: 32.9

B.B. Comer – Sylacauga
Coach: Tripp Henderson
Record: 2-8
Points Scored: 141
Points Per Game: 14.1

Coach: Harold Strauss
Record: 6-4-1
Points Scored: 295
Points Per Game: 26.8

Coach: Deron Beyer
Record: 5-6
Points Scored: 262
Points Per Game: 23.8

Kennedy - Waterbury
Coach: Chris Sarlo
Record: 5-7
Points Scored: 284
Points Per Game: 23.7

Coach: Rick Darington
Record: 10-3
Points Scored: 458
Points Per Game: 35.2

Port St. Lucie
Coach: Doug Kerr
Record: 3-7
Points Scored: 248
Points Per Game: 24.8

Rocky Bayou Christian - Niceville
Coach: John Reaves
Record: 3-7
Points Scored: 151
Points per Game: 15.1

Coach: Bobby Gutherie
Record: 5-5
Points Scored: 285
Points Per Game: 28.5

Webster City
Coach: Bob Howard
Record: 7-4
Points Scored: 285
Points per Game: 26

West Fork
Coach: Eric Burt
Record: 3-6
Points Scored: 145
Points per Game: 16

Coach: Mark Bliss
Record: 5-4
Points: 253
Points Per Game: 28

Coach: Mike Berg
Record: 8-3
Points Scored: 310
Points per Game: 28.2

Coach: Clyde Van Epps
Record: 6-4
Points Scored: 300
Points Per Game: 30

Coach: Terry Hessbrook
Record: 5-4
Points Scored: 256
Points Per Game: 28.4

Lake Michigan Catholic
Coach: Jerome Learman
Record: 5-4
Points Scored: 216
Points Per Game: 24

Menominee, MI
Coach: Ken Hofer
Record: 5-5
Points Scored: 238
Points per Game: 23.8

Menominee, MI (freshman)
Coach: Jeff Bayerl
Record: 7-1
Points Scored: 249
Points per Game: 31

New Haven, MI
Coach: Todd Winters
Record: 3-6
Points Scored: 184
Points per Game: 20.4

Okemos, MI
Coach: Paul Palmer
Record: 2-7
Points Scored: 134
Points Per Game: 15

Rapid River, MI
Coach:  Steve Ostrenga
Record: 5-4
Points Scored: 140
Points per Game: 15.5

St. Charles, MI
Coach:  Brady Lake
Record: 9-3
Points Scored: 389
Points per Game: 32.4

Murray County Central
Coach: Chris Davis
Record: 1-8
Points Scored: 75
Points Per Game: 8.3

Coach: Jody Stone
Record: 3-8
Points Scored: 149
Points Per Game: 13.5

Coach: James Perry
Record: 2-8
Points Scored: 245
Points per Game: 24.5

North Carolina
East Columbus
Coach: Travis Conner (HC), John Ward (OC)
Record: 5-6
Points: 294
Points Per Game: 26.1

New Mexico
Santa Rosa
Coach: Frank Ortiz
Record: 8-3
Points: 385
Points Per Game: 35

New York
Glen Cove
Coach: Peter Kopecky
Record: 6-3
Points Scored: 260
Points Per Game: 29

Xavier High School - NYC
Coach: Chris Stevens
Record: 8-3
Points Scored: 493
Points Per Game: 44.8

Windber, PA
Coach: Phil DeMarco
Record: 9-4
Points Scored: 399
Points Per Game: 30.7

Lancaster Christian Academy - Smyrna
Coach: Rayburn Greene
Record: 10-0
Points Scored: 399
Points per Game: 39.9

Coach: Jeff Williams
Record: 6-5
Points Scored: 288
Points Per Game: 26.2

King William
Coach: Roger Brookes
Record: 6-5
Points Scored: 293
Points Per Game: 26.6

Louisa County
Coach: Mark Fischer
Record: 7-3
Points: 270
Points Per Game: 27.0

Osbourn, VA
Coach: Steve Schultze
Record: 9-5
Points Scored: 379
Points Per Game: 27.1

Stone Bridge
Coach: Mickey Thompson
Record: 13-1
Points Scored: 648
Points Per Game: 46.3

Lena/St. Thomas Aquinas - Marinette
Coaches: Dale Lang, Ed Huberty
Record: 6-4
Points Scored: 232
Points per Game: 23.2

Coach: Jason Wolf
Record: 5-4
Points Scored: 204
Points per Game: 23

Gilbert Avengers, Gilbert
Pop Warner Jr. Midget Team 11-13 year olds
Coach: Keith James
Record: 8-2
Points Scored: 179
Points per Game: 17.9

San Marcos Griffins (Pop Warner)
Coach: Rob Mansfield
Record: 9-1-1
Points Scored: 251
Points Per Game: 22.8

New Hampshire
Hudson/Litchfield Bears
11-12 Year Olds
Coaches Mark Cohen, Mark Gouveia
Record: 7-3
Points scored: 257
Points per game: 25.7

North Carolina
University Jaguars
Prep Squad (7-9 year olds)
Coach: Tremayne “Tray” Brooker
Record: 2-7
Points: 42
Points Per Game: 4.6

University Jaguars
Junior Varsity Squad (10/11 year olds)
League Champions
Coach: Tremayne “Tray” Brooker
Record: 11-0
Points: 282
Points Per Game: 25.6

University Jaguars
Varsity Squad (12/13 year olds)
League Champions
Coach: Tremayne “Tray” Brooker
Record: 9-1-1
Points: 200
Points Per Game: 18.1

Azle Bantam Bulldogs
Tarrant County Youth Football Runner-Up
Bantam Division
Coaches: Rob Adams
Record: 9-2
Points: 286
Points Per Game: 26

Sterling Ravens
10-11 Year-olds
Coaches: Mike Skidgel, Doug Good, Steve Blackwell, Wayne Carlson, and John Patterson
Record: 12-0
Points: 330
Points Per Game: 27.5

Bothell White
Varsity (13-14 year olds)
Coach: Chuck Nichols, Bob Hughes, Pat Knight, Jay Tyndall
Record: 7-1-1
Points: 366
Points Per Game: 40.7

Cathlamet Junior High
Coach: John Hannah
Record: 6-0
Points Scored: 185
Points per game: 30.83

West Virginia
Kanawha City Colts
B Team (9-10 year olds)
Coach: J. Michael Ranson
Record: 9-1
Points scored: 392
Points per game: 39

CR Meyer RedHawks
Duck River Pop Warner, Junior Pee Wee Division
Coach: Adam Wesoloski
Record: 6-0
Points Scored: 161
Points Per Game: 27

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