Hi everyone,

For those of you who were never able to purchase my father’s book prior to him running out of the hardback copies here is a new opportunity. I know many of you did purchase his playbook (the copied version), along with a VHS tape, years ago - however, my brother John, Jr. and I decided to have his original book reprinted in the original hardback form, when we discovered his books were being sold on eBay, and other places, for over $200 after my dad passed away.

We are currently selling the book, along with a DVD (we had the original VHS transferred to DVD), for $60. Most of you know, prior to his passing, his book and VHS tape were being sold for $75-80. However, because a lot of coaches want to purchase his book just to have on their bookshelves these days (because they already own his playbook/binder version), we have reduced the price significantly.

If you, or anyone else you know, would be interested in purchasing his book “Single Wing Offense with the Spinning Fullback” by John Aldrich, Sr., in hardback form, please contact me at [email protected] - you may PayPal this address (if you do, please include your mailing address in the shipping/memo area). The books may be purchased by check or via PayPal, whichever is most convenient.

Lea Aldrich