Welcome to Direct Snap, the online journal for single wing football coaches and enthusiasts.

This space was a brain child of mine going back to 1999 that eventually launched as a weblog in 2004 via Blogger and my neighbor’s server in his basement. Then in January, 2007 we made the move to WordPress, moved to a new host server and gave the site a makeover. With these upgrades Direct Snap should be able to roll along and be a useful resource for single wing football coaches everywhere.

A very special thanks needs to go to Guy Savoie for all of his help with Direct Snap. He was kind enough to donate his time and server space to host Direct Snap as well as registering the domain name, not to mention his valuable skills to adjust the design code everytime I wanted something tweaked.

Another note of gratitude goes to Todd Bross for his “super kewl” header design. Thank you Mr. Conclave!

And finally I want to extend my sincere appreciation to the contributors and readers of Direct Snap. Without you this hair-brained idea would’ve wilted a long time ago.

Snap & Go!
adam_wesoloski at yahoo.com

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